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3MBS is a fine music community radio station in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Founded in 1975, 3MBS was the first FM station in Victoria and led the way for the introduction of community radio in Australia.

3MBS passionately supports fine music, especially Melbourne musicians and composers, and is the only locally-based classical music radio station in Victoria.

3MBS relies on listener support in the form of subscriptions, donations and bequests.

Support the Station that supports Fine Music in Melbourne - 3MBS!

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We aim to be the leading fine music broadcaster in Melbourne through creating quality programs that are diverse and interesting, and supporting our community of listeners, performers and composers.


- First class programs & broadcasting
- Inclusion & accessibility
- New technology & innovation embraced
- Exceptional service delivery
- Managing responsibly
- Unique content and recordings
- Staff & volunteers respected alike
- Integrity & ethics
- Community relevance

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3MBS was conceived by music fan and radio engineer Brian Cabena in 1968 to address a lack of classical music being played on the radio. Cabena wrote a letter to The Age newspaper, calling for interest in a listener-run classical music radio station. 200 people attended that first meeting and founded the Music Broadcasting Society (MBS) of Victoria.

In 1974, the McLean report recommended that TV should be removed from the internationally recognised FM band to allow FM broadcasting to begin. MBSV members travelled to Sydney to help establish 2MBS which first went to air in late 1974. The following year in July saw the launch of 3MBS in Melbourne. Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana has the honour of being the first piece of music played on this new station, 3MBS.

As we still do, 3MBS relied on subscriptions from listeners to fund the operation of the station, and for a time, only divulged programming information to subscribers. Numbered items related to printed program notes and announcers would refer to the music by number only (a practice which was abandoned in 1976). 3MBS continues to produce a program guide, which is delivered to all subscribers in either printed or email format.

In 2007 3MBS relocated from Brian Cabena’s original shopfront at Kew to our current home at the Abbotsford Convent. 3MBS is proud to be part of this beautiful cultural precinct. Looking to the future, 3MBS built the new station to make the most of digital technology and features digitally linked studios and a state-of-the art performance studio and control room, with which 3MBS broadcasts and records local, national and international musicians.

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3MBS is a volunteer-based community broadcasting station operating within the terms of a licence granted by the Australian Communications & Media Authority (ACMA) to the Music Broadcasting Society of Victoria Limited, a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, to serve the fine music community of Melbourne.

The Company is managed by a Board of Directors, which employs a General Manager with responsibility for the day to day operations.  The Board is responsible for the strategic direction and financial sustainability of the Station's operations.  Board policies guide the work of all volunteers and staff at the station.

The Board is currently made up of (9) directors elected by members for a two year term. There are three Board Committees - a Finance Audit and Risk Management Committee, a Policy Committee, and a Technical Committee.

Current Directors

Thilo Troschke (Chairman)
Alan Hutchison (Vice-Chairman)
Chris Howlett (Vice-Chairman)
Sally Hutchison (Company Secretary)
Luisa Banks (Treasurer)
Desley Dixon
Andrea North-Samardzic
Peter Toby
John Worcester

Email: board@3mbs.org.au


Join the 3MBS Company - Become a Member

Did you know that by becoming a member of the Music Broadcasting Society of Victoria Limited, you can have a say in the how the Company is governed?

Membership will cost you $22 annually.

As a financial member you will receive updates on important decisions and an invitation to the Annual General Meeting. You also have the right to vote and be nominated for election to the Board.

3MBS is a community station and welcomes the involvement of persons interested in fine music in Melbourne.

You can download a Membership Application Form here.

Board Committees

Finance Audit and Risk Management Committee

The 3MBS Finance Audit and Risk Management Committee is a sub-committee of the Company.  The primary function of the Committee is to assist the Board of Directors to carry out its governance responsibilities in respect to financial reporting, budgeting, monitoring income and expenditure, risk management, and compliance with laws and regulations.

Luisa Banks (Chair)
Thilo Troschke
Sally Hutchison
Roger Coombe
Anne Frankenberg
Richard Leathem


Policy Committee

The 3MBS Policy Committee is a sub-committee of the Board of Directors of the Company.  The primary function of the Committee is to assist the Board of Directors to carry out its governance responsibilities in respect the Company’s Constitution, licence, legislative, and reporting obligations.

John Worcester (Chair)
Andrea North-Samardzic
Sally Hutchison
Joan Ikin
Anne Frankenberg
Alex Tsirgialos

Technical Committee

The 3MBS Board Technical Committee is a sub-committee of the Board of Directors and provides advice on (a) current and future technology related issues, and (b) the prioritisation of expenditure on broadcast, recording and other related equipment. It assists the Board in governing and overseeing the 3MBS broadcast and information technology policies, systems and hardware.

Alan Hutchison (Chair)
Peter Toby
Sally Hutchison
Jurgen Schaub
Anne Frankenberg
Peter Holmes
Alex Tsirgialos

Deductible Gift Register (DGR)

3MBS is a registered charitable organisation that has a public fund listed on the Register of Cultural Organisations (ROCO).  This means that donations to the Company of $2 and over are tax deductible for the donor. As required, under the guidelines for operating a public fund, 3MBS has a DGR Responsible Persons Group that is in charge of ensuring the Company complies with Australian Taxation Office requirements for the operation of the fund.

Current members - 3MBS DGR Responsible Persons Group

Luisa Banks (Chair)
John Barns
Thilo Troschke

3MBS Staff

Anne Frankenberg - General Manager
Richard Leathem - Operations Manager
Alex Tsirgialos - Program and Digital Content Manager
Sascha Kelly - Subscriptions Co-ordinator

Robert Gibbs - Fundraising Manager
Tom Ford - Sponsorship Manager
Callum Moncrief - Special Projects Producer

Peter Holmes - Technical Manager

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Over 200 dedicated volunteers devote their time, energy and passion to 3MBS, both on-air and behind-the-scenes, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Without their combined knowledge, experience, skills and commitment, 3MBS would never survive.

How do I become a Volunteer at 3MBS?

Geoff Hayes
Stephanie Hoban
Hayden King
Ashleigh Robertson
Kiera Stevens

CD Repair
John Backman

Digital Music Library
Anne Bellew
Marjory Hall
Rod Higman
Judith Lowenherz

Ted Mason
Craig Mason

Music Library Administration
Anne Bellew
Hans Groenewegen
Judith Lowenherz
Anne Nixon
Ted Mason

Alex Birnie
Elaine Birnie
Jane Brownrigg
John Lovering
Brian Kidd
Frank Prain
Wilma Wandke
Majorie White

Graeme Doyle
Jan Elliott
Yso Ferguson
Rosaba Guilano
Majorie Hall
Christine Inns
Virginia Keogh
Juliette Mcfadzean
Margaret Maguire
Jennifer Santuliana
Cindy Yang

Anne Bellew
John Churchward
Greg Hall
Geoff Hayes
Rod Higman
Jane Morris
Murray Vagg
Albert Whitelaw

Programmers & Presenters
Neil Appleby
Peter Bandy
Joseph Barake
John Barns
Doug Beecroft
Amy Bennett
Margot Blackwell
Judith Blanchard-Hill
Philip Boug
Jon Churchward
Judith Churchward
James Clark
Juliarna Clark
John Cleghorn
Simon Colvin
Margot Costanzo
Ted Davies
Alan de Niese
Tim Dehn
Desley Dixon
Phillipa Edwards
Christopher Ellis
Laila Engle
Peter Gardner
Barbara (Gee) Bask-Christensen
Elisabeth Giddy
Nicky Gilderdale
Jacqui Grantford
Marysia Green
Peter Green
Hans Groenewegen
Laurence Groves
Greg Hall
Majorie Hall
Geoff Hayes
Rod Higman
Robert Hooke
Julie Houghton
Peter Hume
Joan Ikin
Alastair Jackson
Naomi Johnson
Sascha Kelly
Peter Larsen
Alison Lee-Tet
Bill Mack
Adrian McEniery
Graeme McKinnon
Patrick McMahon
Jane Mitchell
Jane Morris
Jane O’Callaghan
Frank Pam
Loretto Perkins
Adam Pietrzak
Susan Porter
Frank Prain
Vanessa Richards
Dina Ross
Adele Schonhardt
Anthea Same
Bethany Simons
Mark Shepheard
Nigel Simpson
Ian Sloane
June Sloane
Suzanne Smith
Kiera Stevens
Ola Tasker
Tony Thomas
Zara Thompson
Tineo Luis
Thilo Troschke
John Van Bavel
Carol Van Opstal
Isabel Veale
Mark Vendy
James Wade
Peter Wakeley
Hector Walker
Graeme Warner
Rod Watson
Albert Whitelaw
John Wilkinson
Rex Williams
Michael Williamson
Graham Wilson
John Worcester
Paul Butler

Presenters Emeritus
Don Birch
Lindsay Coker
Alastair Jackson
Barbara Richardson
John Collins
Bob Rothols

Proof Readers
John Barns
Anne Bellew
Christine Jeffrey
Frank Prain

Maureen Barns
John Cleghorn
John Collins
Ted Davies
Joan Ikin
Adrian McEniery
Frank Prain
Loretto Perkins
Thilo Troschke
Hector Walker
Rod Watson
John van Bavel

Technical Production
John Cleghorn
Grace Edward
Paul Kelly
Jessica Pantou
Frank Prain
Penny Manwaring
Mariese Shallard
Nick Simpson

Outside Broadcast Recording
Amy Bennett
Philip Boug
Steve Bullock
Paul Christensen
James Clark
Ben Hellmig
Adrian Hollay
Alan Hutchison
Sally Hutchison
Gillian Lee
Nathan Mount
Cheryl Scott
Cheryl Taylor

Volunteer Administration
Doug Beecroft

Trainees - Presenter/Programmers
Felicity Cronan
Szilvia Csanyi
Stefanie Kechayas
Debbie Nossbaum
Ariel Valent

Other Roles
Ingrid Austin (Events)
Alistair Blaikie (Repairs & Maintenance)
Catherine Cabena
Adrian Dong
Simon Finkelstein
Alexandra Flood (Journalist)
Christine Jeffrey (Events)
Alan Joyce (Marketing)
Victoria Kenworthy
Kate Kaleski
Helen Laffin
Bronte Laffin-Vines
Timothy Oates
Alan Richmond
Tra Tian (Fundraising)
Dharmesh Trivedi
Robin Usher (On Air Journalist)
Penny Webb

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Talks and Tours

For over ten years 3MBS has been giving talks to community clubs and organizations, spreading the word about the station's activities. Our dedicated volunteer speakers have delivered these talks to groups such as Probus, Rotary, Church Groups, YMCA, The Historical Radio Society and the Superannuated Commonwealth Officer's Association.

To arrange a tour of the station or a speaker to visit you (distance permitting), please contact Maureen Barns at the station on 9416 1035 or via email - talks@3mbs.org.au