Our Patrons and Supporters


Patrons of 3MBS ensure the station continues to support talented Melbourne musicians and the community of listeners of classical music. To learn more about the Patrons Program please contact Stephen Pyk, Philanthropy Manager, on (03) 9416 1035 or at philanthropy@3mbs.org.au for a private discussion.

Patron in Chief

Her Excellency Professor the Honourable Margaret Gardner AC, Governor of Victoria

Michael Aquilina
Alan Richmond & the late Shirley Richmond
Anonymous (1)

Alan Archibald KC & Mary-Louise Archibald
Dr Peter Laver AM & the late Anne Laver
Lady Primrose Potter AC
Lady Marigold Southey AC

Andrew & Bronwen Cavallo

Peter J Griffin AM & Terry Swann

Dr Alastair Jackson AM

Amy Kirkham, in memory of RJ Kirkham

John & Rosemary Macleod

Dr Graeme McKinnon & Helen McKinnon

Douglas & Monica Mitchell

The Myer Foundation

Heather Trevena

Anthony Adair AM & Karen McLeod Adair

Prof Mary-Jane Gething AO

Stanton Halik, in memory of Charles Halik

Lyndsey & Peter Hawkins

Keith Knights

Dr Jerry Koliha & Marlene Krelle

Terry McCredden

Elizabeth McKay

Sharon Nathani & Michael Cowen

Isabel Paisley

Jill Ross-Perrier

John E Smith

David & Gai Taylor

Dr Roger Volk

Tam Vu & Dr Cherilyn Tillman

Anonymous (3)

Keith & Corry Adams

Neville Anderson

Rowland J Ball OAM

Luisa Banks & Eugene Antczak

John & Maureen Barns

Janet Bell

Anne Bellew

The late Marc Besen AC

Kevin Bicknell

Stephen Brain

Elizabeth Brookes

Elise Callander

John Cole

Janet Cooper

John Coppock OAM & Lyn Coppock

Madeleine Coulombe & Dr Nigel Simpson

Fiona Crosby

Prof Suzanne Crowe AM

Dr Marie Dalziel

Edward & Alison Davies

Andrew Dixon

Roger N Douglas

Dr Harold Fabrikant AM

Margaret Flood & Patrick Toomey

Robert Gibbs & Tony Wildman

Alan Hayes

Geoff F Hayes

Annelie Holden

Jane Kunstler

Johanna Kwok

Christopher & Merilyn Ludowyk

Adrian McEniery & Anne Frankenberg

Noel McKinnon

Dr Eric Meadows

Christopher Menz

Ann Miller AM

Susan Morgan OAM

Dennis & Fairlie Nassau

Anne Neil

Damian Neylon

Edward Nichols

Anne Nixon

Debbie & Robert Nossbaum

Elizabeth O'Keeffe

George Pappas AO, in memory of Jillian Pappas

Ptarmigan Investments Pty Ltd

Martin Rubinstein

Fergus & Judy Ryan

John Scully

Dianne Shields

Colin Simson

Prof Michael Smith

Kiera Stevens

Dr Ellen Stoddart

Peter & Kay Tuncks

Dr Julie Waters & John Waters

Dr Victor Wayne & Dr Karen Wayne OAM

John & Pat Webb

Marjorie White

John Wilkinson

Voi Williams OAM

Anonymous (9)

Don & Robyn Anderson

Charles Baré

Sarah Barzel & David Zerman

Jane Bethell

John Blanch

Anne Bowden

Richard & Wendy Bowen

John Boyer

Julia Breen

Gordon Bunyan & Geraldine Buchanan

Catherine Cabena

Margaret Clark

John Cleghorn

Margot Cooper

Agnes Dodds

Brian Dowling

Susan Fallaw

Stephen & Diane Fisher

Dr Judith Fox-Smith

Dr Sophie Galaise

Elisabeth Giddy

Brian Glasheen

Ann Gordon

Opal & Andrew Gough

Jeremy D Grant

Prof Phillip Hamilton

Stuart Hamilton AO

Jenny Henty

Dale Hess

Winifred Hirst

Natasha Holmes

Alfred Hornung

The late Joan Ikin

Sean King

Dianne Kleinhenz

Philip Knight

Dr Helen Kolawole

Bryan Lawrence

Marie Le Bras

Martine Letts

Dr Bruce Livett

Dr Anya Lloyd-Smith

Heather McKenzie

The late Jenifer Mullen

Jude Munro AO

George Nichols

Hendricus Nieuwenhuizen

Richard Oliver

Pavlina Pilcova Simons

Susan & Michael Porter

Jacqueline Preuss

Ken Ramshaw

Holly Reid

Naomi Richards

Prof John Rickard

David & Henrietta Roberts

Elzbieta Romanowski

Leslie Ross

Lois and Bob Salamonsen

Euan Schäwel

Meredith Schilling

John Shellard

Dr Ian Skene

Paul Smith

Gail Southwell

The Tallis Foundation

Elizabeth Tuz

Caroline Vaillant

Helen Vorrath

Jill Williams

Carole Woods OAM

Richard Ye

Evelyn Yung

Amy & David Zeplin

Anonymous (13)

Legacy Circle Program

The 3MBS Legacy Circle program ensures that the station will continue to provide quality classical music and jazz to the wider Melbourne community in the future. These supporters have made a benevolent pledge to support 3MBS through a bequest that acknowledges the important role the station has played in their lives. To learn more about the Legacy Circle Program please contact Stephen Pyk, Philanthropy Manager, on (03) 9416 1035 or at philanthropy@3mbs.org.au for a private discussion.

Maria Adeloju
Christopher Arnold AM & Margot Costanzo
Valerie and John Atkin
Luisa Banks
Mauro Baracco
Anne Bellew
Dr Virginia Billson
Kathy Couzens
Ted Davies
Alan Egan
Dr David Fox-Smith
Dobbs Franks
Robert Gibbs & Tony Wildman
Elisabeth Giddy
Dr Colin Goodwin
Lyndsey Hawkins
Geoff F Hayes
Chris Howlett
Ralph King
Michael Mills
David Morgan
Isabel Paisley
Mara Pavlidis
Frank Prain
Holly Reid
Frederick Rooks
John Scully
John E Smith
Suzanne Smith
Alexander J Stewart
Johanna Thuys
Tam Vu & Dr Cherilyn Tillman
Heather Trevena
Dr Roger Volk
Helen Vorrath
John & Pat Webb
Anonymous (17)

Funding Partners

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the following Funding Partners. This support enables 3MBS Melbourne to undertake broadcasting and performance projects along with station capacity-building which would otherwise be impossible.

Alan and Mary-Louise Archibald Foundation

Alan and Mary-Louise Archibald Foundation

The Angior Family Foundation

The Angior Family Foundation

The Arnold Foundation

The Arnold Foundation

Australian Communities Foundation

Australian Communities Foundation

City of Boroondara

City of Boroondara

City of Stonnington

City of Stonnington

City of Yarra

City of Yarra

Community Broadcasting Foundation

Community Broadcasting Foundation

The Robert Salzer Foundation

The Robert Salzer Foundation