Legacy Circle

Leave a lasting gift as a 3MBS Legacy Circle supporter

3MBS broadcasts to over 189,000 weekly listeners across Melbourne and beyond, together with other parts of regional Victoria and internationally via our online stream. The programming of the station includes symphonic concerts, complete operas, orchestral music, chamber music, musical theatre, film scores, music educational items, contemporary jazz and world music. We promote music for all ages and want to make an impact on the lives of thousands of listeners promoting wellbeing through music.

You can make a lasting contribution to the station’s ongoing operations as a Legacy Circle supporter. Leaving a bequest in your will to 3MBS enables you to make a contribution that you may not be able to, during your lifetime.

Becoming a Legacy Circle supporter acknowledges the important role the station has played in your life. In turn, it ensures that 3MBS will continue to provide quality classical music and jazz to the wider Melbourne community in the future.

Your bequest will help to:

  • Keep 3MBS on-air and online for future generations
  • Provide a platform for emerging and established musicians to showcase their talents through performance and interviews
  • Encourage collaborations with Melbourne’s arts organisations
  • Reach new audiences beyond Australian borders
  • Introduce new soundscapes to children, music students and new listeners
  • Maintain technical broadcast infrastructure to ensure that listeners receive a strong signal so they can hear classical music in crystal-clear definition
  • Support a not-for-profit organisation that strongly relies on its 200-person volunteer base.

Your benevolent pledge will be acknowledged and celebrated and you will also have the opportunity to meet with others who have made a similar decision to ensure the station’s future work at special events.

To learn more about the 3MBS Legacy Circle program please contact Stephen Pyk, Philanthropy Manager, on (03) 9416 1035 or at philanthropy@3mbs.org.au for a private discussion.

You may list the station in your will in the following way: 3MBS (Music Broadcasting Society of Victoria Limited), ABN 77 005 398 372.